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philosophy and testimonials



"From the time you start studying voice from Mara, her objectives will be to give you vocal techniques and concepts that will enrich your voice quality.


A few of these important techniques will be breath control, proper use of the diaphragm, vowel production, pronunciation and others will be detailed for you.   Her encouragement will help you set new standards that allow you to “celebrate” your voice.


Also, there are concepts such as keeping a smile in your eye, using the freedom of breath, riding the wave of air, releasing your jaw, and so many more.   All of this will be explained as she helps you to understand your singing capabilities.


Her manner of teaching is calm, patient, and enthusiastic with a passionate spirit!   Be ready for lots of laughs and giggling with-in your lesson as this assists you with understanding the nature of your vocal progress.   


She really cares for you; keeping you motivated and aware of your needs to develop your singing confidence.  


Working with Mara is amazing!"   _    Randy Davis             


"When I was 46, I decided to take up music and theater again after what I like to call 25 years off for good behavior.  I had seen Mara Getz perform a few times since moving to the Coachella Valley and I became a fan.  When I learned that she was offering vocal lessons I contacted her.  We worked together over the next three years and her methods helped me to strengthen my instrument, expand my range in both directions, improve my breath control, and develop my performance skills.  Sessions with Mara were great fun and she took a keen interest in my progress - inviting me to sit in on gigs, suggesting people to audition for, and gently reminding me when I was falling back into old habits.  I went on to study with other teachers and learn diverse techniques and perspectives, but to this day I incorporate Mara's methodology into my vocal warm-ups and my performances.  Mara set me on a path that led to many wonderful experiences in musicals, revues, and my original cabaret shows.  It was a joy and a privilege to study with

her."   _   Jerome Elliott

"I have been studying with Mara Getz for more than three years.  During that time she has helped me to find a vocal range that I never expected I had.  She has helped me build my vocal power as well throughout this new range.  I am grateful for the ability she has enabled me to develop and I am excited to work with her as I continue to progress in finding my voice.  Thank you Mara."   _   Marcy Saddy

"The voice sessions each week I look forward to, they lift me up when I am feeling down.  The exercises have improved my breathing and improved my singing ability.  I feel more confident.

Thank you for being there for me."   _   Glen Waughan

"Believe it or not, over the years I have studied voice with various teachers who have techniques of their own, none of which can compare to yours.  You clearly have knowledge of the voice as an instrument and exercises that are infallible and work without fail if the student is willing to stay with the program."   _   Jim Inman

"We have been fortunate in having Mara Getz teaching our singing class.  One of my residents told me that she always wanted to learn to sing, and Mara said that she would come and teach.  We knew Mara as an entertainer, and a popular one.  The program that she organized are the residents' favorite songs and together with warm-up exercises, it is a huge hit.  Mara's enthusiasm and love of music is contagious.  One day while I was covering the front desk a visitor asked what choral group was performing and I was proud to say that it was my residents, they have gotten that good."

_   Susan Maderick, Activities Director : Atria Hacienda

"Thank you for all you do.  The music is great for seniors and we can definitely see the difference you make when you come to our community in both our AL/IL and Memory Care neighborhood.  I will let them know that, besides the regular schedule, you will have a concert on 4/8, they will be excited to hear that! Our residents continue to rave about your last performance . . .

_ Usbaldo Martinez, Engage Life Director : Atria Hacienda

Building Vocal Cord Strength _

This is accomplished by repitition beginning with small steps from the bottom to the top of your range and then increasing with longer scales with more complicated vowel and consonant combinations.  Just as you would train your muscles for dance, sports, or rebuilding after an accident.  Physical therapy for the vocal cords; building, increasing flexibility, consistancy in sound and range.

Breath Control _

Proper breath support can take your voice places you never thought you would go.  The diaphragm muscles are very powerful and can provide the strength to support your vocal sound and allow you to sing longer phrases or higher notes with the kind of control you desire.

Relaxed, Humble Head _

Keep your head level.  Keep the neck muscles relaxed - stretching your head up along with your neck is like tightening the strings on a guitar.

Relaxed, Released Jaw _

Releasing the jaw automatically gives you a more full tone, open and free.  It allows you to move around effortlessly from note to note no matter when vowel or consonate.  Let your jaw relax and release on all vowels, straight down - never sideways.

Singing on the Pure Vowel _

Each vowel has a purpose in this building, singing on the pure vowel, the bright vowel - will give more resonance to your voice, more overtones and more volume. 

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